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Fragrance Oil
Fragrance Oil
Use fragrance oils to quickly and economically change the atmosphere of any room. They are strongest when used with heat, such as from a fragrance oil diffuser. They can also be used to refresh or make potpourri, added to the water in a table top fountain, or to create scented sachets. Pick up a bottle or two of fragrance oil and explore a world of tantalizing scents. Currently available in 6 fragrances.

Net weight: 9ml



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Chai: Warming and energizing with essential oils of cardamon, ginger & fennel.

Fig: Mild allure of earthy fig.

Ginger & Green Tea: Warming and invigorating effects of green tea and spicy ginger.

Lavender Apple: Soft floral notes with the crispness of apple.

Linden & Mimosa: Relaxing and soothing properties of linden and mimosa.

Moroccan Orange: Ap"peel"ing citrus with a hint of spice.