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Reed Diffuser: Kimono Dreams
Reed Diffuser: Kimono Dreams
Neroli flower, peony, and violet.

Delivering 6 to 9 months of carefree fragrance, our Italian-cast glass diffusion vessels are 200ml in size, while the bamboo fragrance reeds are 12" long. Beautifully hand-packed in our signature vinyl cases.

Transform your personal space with fragrance to uplift, soothe and enhance your ambiance.


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Just follow a few simple guidelines to ensure your new object d'art is a beautiful, fragrant addition to your home.

The scientific process of diffusion relies on kinetic energy. A gentle flick of the reeds will instantly disperse tantalizing fragrance into the air and beautifully liven up any room. Flip the fragrance reeds once a week (or so) to freshen. When working with larger rooms, simply refresh your diffuser more than once a week to encourage the air circulation and stimulate fragrance diffusion, or add two diffusers to grand spaces.

Each of the fragrance reeds reacts to subtle changes in the air currents. Place yours in a high traffic area for maximum diffusion, or near a window or gentle breeze to circulate the fragrance throughout the room. Doorways, hallways, and entranceways are ideal locations for maximum diffusion (not to mention questions and compliments).

The Italian glass vessels are durable and beautiful, but fragile. Like a new orchid or your favorite vase, prevent possible toppling by placing the diffusion vessel away from areas where children or pets might play. Otherwise, enjoy them for months and months (and months).