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Daily Incense Gift Set
Daily Incense Gift Set
Shoyeido's Daily Incense gift set contains one short bundle each of Moss Garden, Kyoto Autumn Leaves, Golden Pavilion and Cherry Blossoms incense. The bundles are neatly packaged in an exquisite embossed rose-gold box, with an elegant fan-shaped incense holder.

4 bundles of 40 sticks: 5.25" long. Approximate burning time: 30 minutes per stick.

Box dimensions: 3" x 9"


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Moss Garden incense is graced by the playful scent of sandalwood, patchouli and benzoin, providing a light-hearted mood like background music.

Kyoto Autumn Leaves incense was created to inspire one's inner spirit. This fragrance contains sandalwood and a touch of cinnamon and is one of Shoyeido's best sellers.

Golden Pavilion incense has a distinctive scent comprised of sandalwood, clove and patchouli. It is valued for ceremony or to create a positive atmosphere.

Cherry Blossom incense is a popular fragrance to promote awareness and regeneration. It is designed to lift your spirits.