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New Spring Incense Gift Set
New Spring Incense Gift Set
This gift set includes one bundle each of Amethyst (Balance), Diamond (Power) and Emerald (Awareness) incense. They come packaged with an additional New Spring porcelain incense holder in a translucent green silk organdy bag.

3 bundles of 35 sticks: 5.25" long. Approximate burning time: 30 minutes per stick.

Bag dimensions: 3.5" x 7"


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Amethyst (Balance) incense is smooth and elegant like silk. It evokes a peaceful, Zen-like environment. Use any time and benefit from the combined essences of sandalwood, cinnamon, saussurea and other spices.

Diamond (Power) incense uses frankincense as a dominant ingredient, which creates a refreshing energy. Sandalwood, cinnamon, ginger lily and other spices add a precious sparkle to this scent.

Emerald (Awareness) incense works to lift your spirits. Use any time when you need an extra boost. Enjoy the regenerative quality of sandalwood, fennel, rhubarb, cinnamon, clove and other spices.