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Reed Diffuser Set
Reed Diffuser Set
The perfect way to fragrance your room without having to light a candle. An aromatic scent is emitted as the reeds act like a wick and the oil scent is naturally dissipated. It is safer to use in places where candles are limited (such as at the office, in a hospital room, or in the guest bath), and won't dampen surfaces like sprays.

Set includes: 12 reeds, decorative glass bottle and 4 oz fragrance solution.



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Flip the reeds two or three times initially to saturate, and then as needed to obtain desired fragrance intensity in your space. The fragrances are a combination of alcohol and essential oils
so please use care when handling near finished surfaces or an open flame.

Petitgrain: A luxurious after garden spa sensation for regenerating and renewing the hand and body with the essential oil of petitgrain.